Turtle Lake Park

Turtle Lake Park Playground

This structure is still in the ground and will be removed in June 2021

This Playground has two structures that are being sold together

Large structure includes:
42 Large Posts
28 Small Posts
1 Large Roof
12 ft Tube Slide
10 ft Screw Slide
8 ft Double Slide
5 ft Slide
Tire Swing
4 Climbers
Rail Slide
Tube Tunnel
2 Stairways
5 Stepping Pads

Small structure includes:
14 Large Posts
17 Small Posts
12 ft Tube Slide
10 ft Slide
8 ft Slide
Rope Climber
Tube Tunnel
2 Spring Riders
3 Diggers
6 Bay Swing Set

Salvaged materials may show some wear from previous life. Thanks for helping us keep it out of the landfill.

For more information about item or to purchase please email Sales.bbs1960@gmail.com